Site: Top Jewels

Skills: PHP, Javascript, Flash Actionscript, XSLT, HTML

Description: I developed all of the flash for this company–programming the online customization tools which allow visitors to dititally "build" their jewelry before placing an order. I also developed an automated HTML authoring system which produces descriptions of the products from inventory files without having to alter the site code for each item.

Site: Actress Portfolio: Stephanie Ann Foster

Skills: PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Photography

Description: This is a custom performing arts portfolio which, in addition to touching on all the major elements of web-design, makes use of a dynamically generated image gallery–which allows the owner to add images simply by uploading them.

Site: Kreimer Construction

Skills: Flash, CSS, HTML, PHP

Description: This business wanted a simple, but professional looking, site that was easy for customers to navigate.

Site: Fide Dubitandem

Skills: Ajax, PHP, Javascript, MySQL, CSS, HTML

Description: This blog was generated from scratch, making use of ajax to filter posted material. It also features login, signup, and email confirmation options.

Site: unCommercials

Skills: PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Photography

Description: A customized photography portfolio with uploading capabilitites.

Site: Cartoon Smart

Skills: Animation, Flash Actionscript

Description: One of the oldest, and quite possibly the largest, flash teaching site on the web. I contributed one of the lessons on flash game development. Flash games are about as complex as web development gets.

Other: Print Productions

Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, Photography, Design

Description: In addition to online work, I've put together a number of print productions for various companies and organizations. These included posters, programs, tickets, and articles, and were typically created with a Adobe Suite software.

Other: Alliances Strategy Game

Skills: Animation, Flash Actionscript

Description: This was started for a contract that was later cancelled. The idea was to create an educational strategy game—something both fun to play and based on real historical facts. While the basic game play is functional, the project is, therefore, incomplete. Enough works, however, to get a good sense of the game, and what is possible with actionscript.